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Doing a deal means Australia and Britain can rely more on each other for the essentials we need to stay safe and keep our economies strong.

Be it gear for our doctors and nurses or the science that will stop the spread, Australia and the UK are working together to deliver advances that will help us bounce back from coronavirus.

More broadly, this crisis has shown us why close ties with friends are essential to our prosperity. By doing a deal, Australia and the UK can work even more closely on ensuring essentials are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Keeping our economy strong as we recover from the coronavirus will mean getting our people back to work and our world-class businesses back on their feet. As Prime Minister Johnson and Prime Minister Morrison have both affirmed: that won’t happen with more protectionism, it’ll happen because we embrace the prosperity offered by free trade.

By inking an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement, we can show the world what a gold-standard deal looks like – and that one can be concluded even in the most trying of times. It’ll mean that the flow of ideas, capital and people we rely on to keep our economy strong is strengthened coming out of this crisis.

#AUKFTA is about doing an ambitious deal with friends not out of nostalgia but to secure our future as we recover from coronavirus, looking boldly to the jobs of the future as we get our people back to work and our businesses back on their feet.

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