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We see a comprehensive and ambitious free trade deal between the UK and Australia as central to making the global case for free trade, and demonstrative of how two like-minded partners can diversify trade, strengthen supply chains and help jobs come back.

#1: Lead the World

Free trade has been the Australian way for decades — and Britain is now free to reclaim her role as a free-trading leader.

As we comeback from COVID-19, we can show the world that recovery through free trade — not protectionism — is the pathway to prosperity.

Leading the world in inking a good deal is another reason to get this deal done.

#2: An Early Post-Brexit Dividend for Britain

We have the political will — and there is no reason this deal can't be an early post-Brexit dividend for Britain.

It will more closely connect Britain with the world’s most economically dynamic region, the Asia-Pacific: the heartbeat of the world economy in the 21st century.

Being a southern anchor for Global Britain is just another reason to get this deal done.

#3: Security and Stability for Brits and Aussies

In an increasingly contested world, working with trusted partners is critical to prosperity and security.

2020 showed us that is can be easy to forget many of our most critical goods come via supply-chains over which we have little to no sovereign control.

Getting this deal done means we can be more resilient to future shocks.

#4: Helping Jobs Come Back

Australia-UK collaboration will supercharge our recovery and ensure more jobs come back.

By making it easier for our companies to trade and invest, we can help ensure our economic recovery is fast — ensuring jobs come back and our economies can grow again.

#5: Greater Choice

The UK is now our biggest export destination for Australian wine.

Over 260 million litres of our world-class wine was sold last year to Britons.

We want more great British goods on Australian shelves — and we want you to enjoy our world-class Australian exports too.

A deal means more choice — and greater opportunities.

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